This is a fun creative piece I wrote.

The Universe uses her as a messenger. Synchronicity is her guide. She shows up when you need her. Randomly she’ll cross your path if you’re a stranger, or she’ll reach out if you’re a friend, exactly when you will most benefit from the Wisdom. She seems almost brutal with the honesty she speaks. It can hurt to hear what she says. Yet you know what you’re going to get when you’re with her., and invariably, you find yourself wanting more.

She illuminates Divine Wisdom, speaking Truth, inspiring healing.
She does not know it.
She is it.
People often comment on her smile…it’s radiance.
Divine love flows from within, cascading all around her.

Her eyes are small but penetrating and glowing. It’s as if they see into your soul. You feel naked under her gaze, defenseless to what she may observe in you.  Her energy is uplifting, positive, and bright. She is magnetic, drawing people to her.

While she doesn’t see auras, she does see Truth. She speaks the Truth she sees, acting like a mirror for the person she’s reflecting back to. Offering interpretations that can provide new perspectives, her words can ultimately lead you to healing.

She sees the signs and knows how to read them. She helps you understand the landscape before you and the choices you have.

There’s no place for a victim of circumstance. Circumstance happens, yes. But there is always choice in response. She invites ownership and responsibility. She validates what you already know in your deepest heart about your self.

The journey is about bringing that self out, and sharing with everyone, all your magnificence. Invariably, you are asked to rise above the judgment of others, rise beyond the judgment of yourself, and take actions in your life that honor who you know you are. This is how you grow into the fullest expression of yourself.

She is given to you when you’re ready to begin your quest for self-love. All our actions, judgments, and habits, tend to limit our ability to love ourselves from the inside out. It’s all measured in the love we get from others, from the outside in.   That love can be taken away as quickly as it can be given. Half the time, it’s given in illusion, to the person someone thinks you are, or wants to believe you to be. Then to keep the love, you feel you must maintain the other person’s vision of you. So often, it’s not who you really are though. You find yourself feeling not good enough as you are. Then you start to personalize everything through this pair of glasses that you wear, diminishing your very being in the way you filter everything. It warps your reality, until all you believe to be true is simply an elaborate illusion.

The love that comes from within yourself is much harder to find, but once you have it, it can never be taken away. Then every other aspect of your life becomes more peaceful, content, and joyful. You can be authentic. You can be integrated.   You can embrace all of who you are – the full spectrum. We are all everything. We all have components of every “good” and “bad” element you can imagine. Rather than denying all that we are, self-love demands we surrender to all we are. It is in this way, we can reduce stress and negativity in our world, and we can be love, be free, be passionate, be adventurous, be exciting, be fun, be joyful, be sexual, be sensual, be affectionate, be secure, be courageous, be strong, be powerful, be positive, be alive. This happens when we believe beyond limits of the mind and connect within our hearts to true and infinite possibilities.

This Universal messenger, the Truth teller, is on her own journey through judgment to unconditional self-love. When she crosses your path, you can feel there’s something different about her. She will tell you she has been different her whole life. And at the same time, she feels just like you. She invites a safety and comfort level that inspires you to tell her all your deepest secrets. She has secrets of her own.

If you feel drawn to the Truth teller, then you are seeking the Awareness that comes through her from Universal Wisdom.

She willingly passes messages to those who are ready to listen.
She always listens to the messages as well.
She Knows…The Wisdom applies to everyone.