Our body is always speaking to us.
How do you listen to this part of yourself?

When you have a headache, do you pop some pills, annoyed by the inconvenience and keep with your agenda at hand?
When you are tired, do you drink more caffeine and push through?
When you get sick, do you find yourself frustrated and angry, focused on all the things you have to do?

If your body was your child, would you dismiss her/him in the manner you do your body?  Or would have be more loving and attentive and responsive to her/his needs?

Have you ever considered, stopping for a moment, and asking your body what she/he needs right now?
What would it be like to honor what you body lets you know by following through and giving her/him what she/he is asking for?

It may be a simple as drinking a big glass of water, or taking a 20 minute cat nap, or perhaps a 5-10 minute respite in meditation, or stretching your muscles, or going for a short walk outside.

Our body is not only our temple for living this life, it is also an ally and wise friend.

I invite you to consider how well you’re treating and engaging with this important part of yourself.