We all are speaking all the time to ourselves.

I received an awesome reflection of how I’m perpetuating old stories and certain kinds of connections with others through these conversations with myself. Whether it be from my childhood, or a decade ago, it is easy to inadvertently keep ourselves stuck from this habit.

While I wasn’t thinking I was speaking to other people, after all, I’m only talking in my head.
However, everything I am telling myself is actually keeping those players alive and stuck in the places I am perpetuating by the particular thought I am continuing to speak, relive, and believe.

I don’t want to limit others by perpetuating their expressions through my stories.
I don’t want to limit myself by perpetuating my justifications through my stories.

I do want to be present in the moment with as much of my presence as possible.
I do want to create space for myself and those in my Universe to expand and grow.

This requires a vigilant process of mindfully letting go of all these conversations in my head.

I will still be chatting in my head.  That’s what minds do, and it can be very enjoyable.
I am choosing though, from this moment forward, to apply my awareness to ending the old stories, with related thoughts and feelings, that no longer serve me.

Through this practice, I can free myself to be more of who I truly am right now, today, and support my evolution into more magnificence tomorrow.  I will also have greater space and freedom to intend, dream, and vision for the future, which I believe is a much more productive use of my mental thought energy.

Here’s to internal conversations that are present in Now…with new eyes that see limitless potential…and a new glasses prescription that no longer carries the perceptions of yesterday into my current sight.